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⛔️ A clearinghouse for (independent) media content

financing independent media content on a pay as you read basis, making content (from different publishers) easily accessible

Pay-per-View of individual articles ist not everywhere possible – but if you are just interested in a single article you don’t feel like creating a full subscription. If pay-per-view is enabled, it’s often not that user-friendly.

In order to make content from independent publishers better accessible, we want to create a solution that makes payment for individual articles simple, and opens additional streams of potential readers. Precondition is that publishers are willing to give pay-per-view at a reasonable price (in the readers’ view).

The clearinghouse is an independent repository of media articles and prices, allowing for access to content from multiple publishing houses. For the reader, only one single login/payment profile is necessary. Publishers can embed the payment/access mechanism, and use a hashtag-based recommendation system for further readings (from the same publisher or other publishers too). Hence the clearinghouse also aims to foster collaborations (and content exchange) among independent media.

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