Derrick is an electrical engineer by training with over thirty years experience in software design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. In the past Derrick was primarily focused on CIM and Spark, and before that CAD, manufacturing and GIS industries, with experience also in utilities, chemical production, architectural, civil, mining and other industries, but currently is into big data and machine learning in the cloud security space.



People are heading home. Some of them will pick it up tomorrow.

1 year ago

Murmurs of technical discussions. Serious concentration.

1 year ago

Just the clicking of keys and mice...

1 year ago

There was a long wide-ranging discussion about the achievable goal for the Hackdays. The general gist was to establish a middleware layer handling each meter's unique format to "re-publish" the data in a common format, but there was no agreement yet on what that format would be.

1 year ago

Currently setting up smart meters with loads, the MQTT broker; publisher; subscriber etc., Slack sign-in, documentation review and all the other tasks that starting up a Hackdays involve.

1 year ago

All four meters feeding into MQTT, forwarded to InfluxDB and re-published under a uniform basic profile back to MQTT. Visualization using Grafana and OpenHub in place.

2 years ago

Certificate icon by Gregor Cresnar - CC BY 3.0