Offene Daten / Open Data

Hier findest du die diversen offenen datensätze, die wir für die Hackdays befreit, gesammelt und aufbereitet haben. Weitere Vorschläge und Wünsche können auf GitHub eingereicht werden.

Auf Datenportale wie gibt es weitere offene Datensätze zu entdecken. Achten Sie auf die Einhaltung der Nutzungsbedingungen und die korrekte Angabe Ihrer offenen Datenquellen.


Here you can also find the diverse open datasets that we liberated, gathered and prepared for the Hackdays. Additional suggestions and requests can be submitted via GitHub.

On data portals like you can discover more open datasets such as these. Make sure to follow the Terms of Use and correctly attribute your open data sources.

Welcome presentation / Final presentation

The Smart City Lab - Lenzburg was to take place on April 24-25 of 2020 in Lenzburg but is being POSTPONED due to the actual health threat. It will likely take place in Autumn 2020 or in Spring 2021. Keep yourself informed by registering from the Hackdays Website.

Hackdays make a valuable contribution to the development of new solutions for complex problems. By bringing all the actors of the field as well as designers, programmers, data analysts, students and creative minds in general together in a collaborative process, great ideas bloom and prototypes come to life. Let’s build a sustainable and smarter city together! You can register and find more information on the Hackdays Website.