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Tourist Office 3.0 vs. Open Tourism Data

Cross the bridge from tourism data to the future of the tourist office

UPDATE: The Digital Tourist Office project was developed in response to this challenge.

The project that started this hackday is called "Tourist Office 3.0". The focus of the hackday is now wider on purpose, yet let's not forget the initial goal. Some questions I have in my head:

  • what services should a future tourist office offer on site, what in an app, on the web or otherwise?
  • how and in what direction are expectations of tourists likely to change?
  • what data that we have in the hackday contributions can help us to answer the topic?

Solution Ideas

People in Group

Data Used

  • Potential Integration of Open Street Map

Related Projects in Open Tourism Hackday

  • NoTourist Office
  • Find an Adventure near me
  • Reception Desk Tourist Office



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