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Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) kill 40 million people each year, equivalent to 70% of all deaths globally. One of the main factor who lead to NCDs is an unhealthy diet which is correlated with a high sugar intake. Too high sugar intake leads to chronic inflammation state in our body and therefore to constant immune reactions. Food shopping in the supermarket like Migros is done almost every day, but are you aware of all the nutritional ingredients you are buying? We think most of the people don’t check the ingredients list or are not aware about the sugar amount in their favourite daily food like they yogurt for breakfast.


We aim to make customer more aware of their main sugar contributor and will present them alternative products with less sugar. TooSweet is a mobile application who gives you a ranking of food by sugar content. The data are provided by uploading your Cumulus Data as CSV File to the App. In the App you see the sugar amount in gram of all receipts together and by clicking on one specific receipt you get the detailed ranking of this receipt by sugar content from high to low. You can click on one product to get more detailed information about the sugar contribution and alternative products ranked by sugar reduction (sugar content low to high). In the overview section you see a your sugar consumption/buying averaged over the last months over shoppings per week.


Install on Android

Requires allowing unsigned binaries in your Developer settings.


Product data is used by Cumulus CSV upload done by customer. The mapping with the nutritional data about the sugar content is done with the data base of www.foodrepo.org or with Nutritional data from www.migros.ch.

Main Roadblocks

The hardest task was to implement the Cumulus data into the app, this was very important for us, as it is more convenient for the consumer and also more constant as scan. If the app would work by scan there are already several similar apps on the market and it would be more specific to make a decision in the supermarket. By using all products that a customer did buy its more real (no cheating is possible), more convenient and also an additional value to have a Cumulus Card. Open Questions: How to find alternative products, how to rank them, what are criterias, subcategories like beverages or snaks?

Futures Steps - most promising

Cooperation with Migros → Migros implementing our app idea into their Migros app → easier data handling, Migros has unambiguous data of all products → additional benefit for costumer to make Cumulus Card → possible like with Migusto Recipeis as healthier alternatives

Our Team

  • Michael Hochstrasser - MSc Computational Science
  • Gabriel Hochstrasser- MSc Machine Learning Engineer
  • Charlotte Soland - Master Student in Food Engineering

Please contact us via the Issues page

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