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Swiss Nutriscore

A nutritional score of barcoded food items in Switzerland

The challenge When we buy food from the supermarkets, we would all like to buy something which is healthy as well as environment friendly. There is unfortunately no convenient way to do this right now for Switzerland.

The solution We make an app which can scan bar-coded food items in Switzerland based on the FoodRepo and give a score of how healthy the food item is based on the standard nutriscore criteria, and will eventually be updated to also include the carbon footprint. Further it will also recommend healthier alternatives to food items which are not healthy, thus providing an easy solution to buying and eating healthy.

During the hackdays We already have a working app made during the hackdays, which gives the nutriscore of the items.

Roadblocks We are new to making apps and faced a lot of trouble in getting it to work. This experience should serve us well in the future work for the project.

Next steps The next step is to add some finishing touches and already the app in the play store within the next few days. Then we can start to add further functionalities based on suggestions and recommendations from users.

Team Kirtan Padh (kirtan.701@gmail.com) Sharbatanu Chatterjee (sharbatanu444@gmail.com)

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