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Challenge Project

Snaq on Eschernode

Estimate food portion size, nutritional value, contents automatically

Pitch deck

Use Cases

  • People will know the nutritional composition instantly.
  • Identify the dish, especially helpful when people are travelling, so that they can know what they are eating. eg. Simply take a picture at a buffet and know what it is.
  • Helpful to people following a diet.

First steps.

  • The data set we were provided is a 700 pictures each of three different classes. Identify these classes automatically.
  • Available Classes:
  • Bowl plate
  • Regular plate
  • Soup plate

Training using Eschernode

  • Trained a deep learning classifier on Resnet18 architecture.
  • Trained on a 60GB machine for 5 hours.


  • Best Cross entropy error of about 0.863 after training for 42 epochs
Contributed 6 years ago by oleg for Open Food Hackdays Lausanne

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