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Pre-portioned meal-kits in Lausanne area

pre-portioned meal-kits from local residual production is offered on a weekly basis to Lausanne area. To tackle food waste as well as offer gastronomic experiences and convenience to end-users. The meal-kits are ready to be cooked, with detailed and easy recipes to be done in less than half an hour. Creative recipes from all over the world is proposed, for local ingredients for a real delight. The idea is to connect farmers with consumers in a sustainable way, and consume ethically.

Our team during this hackdays is: - Sinan Numan @sinan_numan1 - Sarah Numan - Marisol Giacomelli - Francesca Conselvan - Rosa Castillo

Our milestones for this hackdays were to work on the market study in order to validate our hypotheses and see if our offer is interesting. At the same time, work on packaging and recipes for research and prototyping.

Starting pitch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JhciJkOQyBCuWASZXCqxE37YYVbVTtbJsOmPl5XmHGc

Contributed 6 years ago by sinan for Open Food Hackdays Lausanne

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