Connecting city institutions to food producers

Solve the backoffice problem for farmers, while making it easier for them to work with restaurants and caterers and "people from the city". Visit for more information.


  • An open database of farmers with the products available to local customers (restaurants, shops, etc...).
  • A central pre-order tool for the farmers and their customers with public ledger of transactions (i.e. how much of what and when was sold/bought in the region.
  • Master data of all available farmers and products is synced with Land2door. This is an open and unified database of farmers (with their basic identification, location, description, contact) and categorized products.

Stock and booking database

  • A simple stock management for the available products for every farmer (availability - date and amount)
  • Basic orders information (buyer, seller, product, amount)

Booking system

  • Automatic stock synchronization with a history
  • Open data feed with real-time transactions


  • Account creation (farm, customer)
  • Stock management (add products, remove products, adjust existing items)
  • Search Open Data API in the stock (read)
  • Book Open Data API (read and write)


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