We want to digitally educate children in Switzerland to our cultural land and its fruits.

The problem People know very little about what plants grow in the area they live in. They know even less about the edibility of certain plants or the way they can be cooked.

One possible solution: Berrychecker It is an educational app for children and teachers. It’ll issue a challenge for kids to find certain plants in the forest and (depending on the plant) gather them. It’ll offer recipes for children to prepare an easy dish with the plants they found.

Berrychecker verifies the plant found by the children using a large database of pictures and AI. At the same time, every picture taken by the children feeds the database to increase the accuracy. Each picture is geotagged, making it possible to gather data to e.g. map the biodiversity and growing season of a specific area. The concept could possibly be expanded into any part of the world.

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