Culinary history of a region or a dish

Where does Raclette come from? What is the culinary history of Spain?

The idea of this challenge is to encourage hackers to provide a Web application that allows users to explore the culinary history of (a) a dish (e.g. Paella) and (b) a region (e.g. Switzerland).

It would be interesting to let the user see:

  • The dishes that were invented over time in a region, together with events that co-occurred and some other relevant facts that describe the region.
  • The importance of ingredients in different regions over time.
  • A comparison of dishes appearing simultaneously in different regions.
  • The relation of dishes in a timeline -- to understand if some dishes appeared as successors of others.
  • New ways of clustering regions based on their food.

Relevant data sources

Probably not all countries or all dishes are equally described. But if hackers could pick a few examples with existing data, that would already be great.

And the interesting thing is that, if you don't see a fact in a Wikidata item description, you can go an edit it and it will appear live in your application. :)

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