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Save the climate! #6

Use the Eaternity API to provide informations on CO₂ and food for your user group

Our food choices are responsible for 1/3 of man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

We have the potential to reduce food related emissions by at least 50% through smart diet choices.

Our API enables you to track, measure and optimize CO2 emissions of foods by combining a comprehensive and up-to-date data-set allowing for „live“ CO-calculations with a scalable and collaborative web-technology.

API Documentation: http://docs.eaternity.apiary.io

Food Hack Documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0PtIxbyLjvFekJKQ0J5N2FWb2c

The aim is to raise awareness of the carbon footprint associated with foods you buy every day or eat at a restaurant - and make suggestions on how to reduce the footprint. At the same time, the app helps users to discover new products and recipes.

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