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Smart(er) Cooking #2

Bring technology in the kitchen to the next level!

There are as many challenges in the kitchen as there are people trying to cook: Information are incomplete, activities too complicated, skills missing, food gets burnt and so on. The existing cookbooks, websites or apps solve few of these challenges in a satisfactory manner.

But things are changing. Technology has made huge progress in the past years and it’s time that these advancements are put to good use in the kitchen. We nowadays have structured recipe data, smart kitchen devices and any kind of information across the internet. So, pick a challenge that you, your friends, your family or any other user group faces in the kitchen and use the right technologies to help create a better cooking experience. You can make cooking easier, healthier, more fun, more intuitive, more accessible, more successful, more sustainable or all of it!


The challenge was addressed by the project Food Matters and the structured recipe data and smart devices were also incorporated in the project BEAT the food waste.


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