Recipe Schema Fun

Exploring and repackaging V-ZUG data

We got an interesting database of recipes to play with from V-Zug Home at the Open Food Data Hackathon, used in a mobile application to program smart kitchen devices. We took a closer look and investigated ways of combining it with other data sources and tools responding to makeopendata challenge #12. See also the Beat project for an exploration of this data.

In the project repository there is a Jupyter notebook written in Python which explores the data, along with a script to convert the ~150 XML files we received according to a schema defined in We made a very quick visualization to demonstrate the use of data analysis libraries.

We created an example Data Package containing a summary of the dataset in CSV format, as well as a JSON formatted recipe schema proposal in recipe.json. These are proposed as a potential starting point for future discussions about developing an open standard, the advantages of which may include participation of the wider development community, better interaction with other manufacturers, and consumer trust. Here is a preview of our summary DataFrame:

name ingredients instructions skill duration
0 Mozzarella, green bean and onion mash 8 2 easy fast
1 Apple puff pastry horseshoes 6 5 easy medium
2 Tarte Tatin 4 2 moderate medium
3 Mashed potato with lime 4 3 easy fast
4 Duck breast with a honey and soy glaze and plu... 16 3 moderate medium

And JSON schema:

  "uuid": "vzug.internet.05.erdbeersirup",
  "supported-languages": [
  "name": {
    "de": "Erdbeersirup",
    "en": "Strawberry syrup",
    "fr": "Sirop de fraise",
    "it": "Sciroppo di fragole"


No special libraries are required to use the parsing script. The conversion script references the Python Data Analysis library for CSV file generation. The Jupyter notebook includes some data analysis using the Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib libraries. You can find some setup instructions here. The schema of this Data Package was inferred using Frictionless Data CLI tools.


In this project we conducted some background research of schemas used in other recipe application, particularly of interest are these cloud providers:

And these open source initiatives:


The licensing terms of this dataset have not yet been established. If you intend to use these data in a public or commercial product, check with each of the data sources for any specific restrictions.

This Data Package is made available by its maintainers under the Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0, a copy of the full text of which is in


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