Zurich historical photo tours

We would like to enable the user to discover historical pictures of Zürich and go to the places where they were taken. He can take the perspective of the photographer from around 100 years ago and see how the places have changed. He can also share his photographs with the community. We have planned two thematic tours, one with historical photographs of Adolphe Braun and one with photographs connected to the subject of silk fabrication. The tour is enhanced with some historical information. In the collections of the ETH, Baugeschichtliches Archiv, and Zentralbibliothek Zurich, Graphische Sammlung, we found pictures to match the topics above and to set up a nice tour for the users. In a second step we went to the actual spots to verify if the pictures could be taken and to find out the exact geo data. Meanwhile our programmers installed the the photographer's stops on a map. As soon as the user reaches the proximity of the spot his phone will start vibrating. At this point the historical photo will show up and the task is to search for the right angle from where the historical photograph has been taken. At this point the photographer is asked to take his own picture. The app allows the user to overblend the historical with the actual picture so a comparison can be made. The user is provided by additional information, as the name of the photographer of historical picture, links to the collection the picture comes from, the building itself, connection to the silk industry etc. Here is the link to out tour:https://glamhistorytour.github.io/HistoryTourApp/



  • Maya Beer
  • Rafael Arizcorreta
  • Tina Tomovic
  • Annabelle Wiegart
  • Lothar Schmitt
  • Thomas Bochet
  • Marina Petrova
  • Kenny Floria

Event finished

28.10.2018 14:00

Event started

26.10.2018 09:00
Contributed 5 years ago by oleg for #GLAMhack 2018

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