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WLAN City Lucerne

Analyse potential of open WLAN data in the City of Lucerne

At selected locations in the city of Lucerne, overnight guests with the "Guest Card Lucerne" have the opportunity to connect to the free WiFi network "Free WiFi - LUZERN.COM". Over a period of one year, over 30’000 successfully logins have been registered. What insights the city of Lucerne can gain from knowing WLAN data? This challenge focuses on the added value for the user. No monetary goals are aimed at. The customer experience is to be improved. E.g. see where the guests spend most of their time or how many people pass by a location?

The following information about the public WLAN is available (if activated):

  • Location
  • Device connections (number)
  • Successful WLAN logins (number)
  • Failed WLAN registrations (number)
  • Generated traffic (number in gigabytes)

Of course, you can use any other (open)data to build a solution/service that should help the tourism region Luzern to make their location more attractive to any people.

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