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Smaller tourism agencies such as Solothurn or Bad Zurzach have very limited resources, therefore they don’t have a strong presence in social media, which is a marketing disadvantage compared to bigger organizations. It takes money to make professional pictures, and time to create the text and find the right hashtags for each post.

An innovative solution has been to reuse existing content from other users and repost them under the agency’s page. To do this, so far an employee has to manually search for interesting pictures, select them and ask the owner of the picture for permission to reuse that content. Then wait for an answer, and if the answer is affirmative, manually download, post the content on Instagram, and create the text, with a small citation to the owner of the picture.

This process is very time consuming, and employees in small agencies simply don’t have the time to devote it to Social media. There is not a way to automate this manual process? Isn’t it possible to create a tool that can :

Automatically select relevant content in Instagram, Automatically send a request to the author, Possibly, Create a small text with a citation of the user, plus providing with the top hashtags for that post.

Some code examples for these tasks already exists on GitHub for Python. Adaptions and further developments will be necessary. It might be helpful to have a look on the following repositories:

For getting an Instagram Token, these websites might be helpful:

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