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Measure Impact of the Fair-Preis-Initiative

With view to amending the Swiss Cartel Act, the Fair Price Initiative (FPI) targets to combat artificially high prices from importers and foreign suppliers on goods and services sold in Switzerland (“Zuschlag Schweiz”). According to the initiators, with the adoption and implementation of the FPI, it can be expected that consumer prices will decrease. The goal of this challenge is to find a way to measure the impact of the FPI or to inform voters about the FPI. It can therefore address questions like: - Based on which data can the impact of the FPI be evaluated? - How can the price difference between Switzerland and other countries be calculated? - How can a potential price impact of the FPI be calculated? - Are there differences between certain product and service categories?

There are different data sets that can be taken into account: Data on price differences between Switzerland and the EU countries, value-added tax (VAT), Swiss consumer price index (LIK) etc. Participants are free to look for their own data.

The result can support the swiss population on their voting decision on the FPI. GastroSuisse is co-initiator of the Fair Price Initiative, but the participants can approach the topic from a neutral perspective.

There are no limits to your imagination and creativity when meeting the challenge or designing a product. The result could be numbers and graphs that show your answer to the questions about the FPI, but also an app or a video that informs voters about the FPI are possible.

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