• Lack of ways of tracking and reporting individual greenhouse emissions and lack of motivation of people to change their behavior to reduce their individual emissions. • CO2 and other greenhouse gases are a major cause of global warming and climate change. • Transportation alone accounts to about 31% of Zurich’s direct CO2 emissions (2014). • Reducing individual carbon footprint can not only have a significant impact on overall reduction in carbon footprint, but will also enable an individual to contribute towards the global movement for tackling climate change sustainably.

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• Make citizens of Zurich aware, through a program, of the emissions they are generating with transportation • Rewarding their good performance on the benefit of themselves and the community enhancements • We also show people how they can reduce their emissions, providing alternatives for their transportation choices. • Tool of Solution: Get to know your “trip” CO2 emissions ¬ Tracking: A mobile application to track individual data, connected to actual consumption of CO2 reported by vehicle data and comparison with alternatives by calculation. ¬ Motivation Mechanism: Reward Program, with reinvestments in the city and communities as well as public communication and information

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No prior work, we started from scratch

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¬ Zurich is a major Swiss city with a major share of private vehicle owners (~650,000 cars!). ¬ Zurich is also one of the cities with highest rate of population increase, hence higher potential of worsening the carbon footprint. ¬ Zurich is the city with worst traffic in Switzerland. ¬ This is aligned with the goals of the city on environment and quality of life.


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