• Lack of ways of tracking and reporting individual greenhouse emissions and lack of motivation of people to change their behavior to reduce their individual emissions. • CO2 and other greenhouse gases are a major cause of global warming and climate change. • Transportation alone accounts to about 31% of Zurich’s direct CO2 emissions (2014). • Reducing individual carbon footprint can not only have a significant impact on overall reduction in carbon footprint, but will also enable an individual to contribute towards the global movement for tackling climate change sustainably.

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• Make citizens of Zurich aware, through a program, of the emissions they are generating with transportation • Rewarding their good performance on the benefit of themselves and the community enhancements • We also show people how they can reduce their emissions, providing alternatives for their transportation choices. • Tool of Solution: Get to know your “trip” CO2 emissions ¬ Tracking: A mobile application to track individual data, connected to actual consumption of CO2 reported by vehicle data and comparison with alternatives by calculation. ¬ Motivation Mechanism: Reward Program, with reinvestments in the city and communities as well as public communication and information

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¬ Zurich is a major Swiss city with a major share of private vehicle owners (~650,000 cars!). ¬ Zurich is also one of the cities with highest rate of population increase, hence higher potential of worsening the carbon footprint. ¬ Zurich is the city with worst traffic in Switzerland. ¬ This is aligned with the goals of the city on environment and quality of life.


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How can the individual reduction of greenhouse gases for a defined track be measured and reported and how can citizens be motivated to adapt their behaviour due to that collected information?

The idea is to track and report the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of a person due to walking, using public transport or bicycle instead of using a motorised vehicle. Solutions should include measures to motivate people to reduce their carbon footprint.

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This tool can be used as inspiration for the solution.

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