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How can the individual reduction of greenhouse gases for a defined track be measured and reported and how can citizens be motivated to adapt their behaviour due to that collected information? The idea is to track and report the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of a person due to walking, using public transport or bicycle instead of using a motorised vehicle. Solutions should include measures to motivate people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sometimes we are not actually aware what impact our everyday activities have to the environment; we take it for granted and we don’t care about the consequences of our actions. We use our car for convenience instead of public transportation and we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone. There are far too many daily commuters driving to their jobs in and around the City of Zurich who have access to other forms of transportation but are not using them. There are different reasons for this, but the main problem is lack of motivation and confidence that even one person can make a change that has an impact on the wellbeing of their community and the world.

  • Describe your solution in 3-5 sentences.

Our objective is to motivate people to move out of their comfort zone in terms of transportation. The journey of our followers starts by downloading our app or visiting our website to take The Pledge to reduce their CO2 emissions which helps them feel they are part of a larger social movement. Our application shows travel options with different means of transportation, providing information about the distance and time of travel, CO2 emissions, calorie consumption, price difference, and the points they will be rewarded in the case their journey has reduced CO2 emissions. This provides the data they need to make better transportation choices. The users are able to track their progress in reducing their carbon footprint including in comparison to others. They will also be able to challenge friends or answer to “green challenges” and to post their success on different social media platforms as a way to inform and motivate others.

  • Where did this project stand prior to the Climathon?

This project was started during the Climathon and was created in response to a challenge by the City of Zurich to find a solution that reduces the CO2 emissions per person based on their transportation choices.

  • Why do you think your project is relevant for the City of Zurich?

The solution was specifically designed with the City of Zurich in mind but with an eye on expansion to other cities in the future. With the wealth of transport options available here in Zurich, we believe the automobile usage by weekday drivers is far higher than necessary. The people of Zurich care a great deal about air quality, the environment, and are concerned about the changing climate. Therefore, we think drivers in the Zurich area can be persuaded to modify their behavior given the proper information and incentives. We aim at the quality of life desired by the citizens of Zurich and at their responsibility in taking action.

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