Our daily mobility and eating habits have a huge negative impact on our global and local environment. Even though most citizens are aware of this problem, they have no incentive to change and sometimes even lack information on alternative behavior.

Our smartphone application combines doing good with fun, social interaction and competition. It can be used as a platform where everyone can upload sustainability related challenges and invite their friends to join. Next to the gamification aspect, users will get informative tips and trick along with events to increase a sense of community.

  • Where did this project stand prior to the Climathon?

We had some code running, but the issue statement and our value proposition were not really clear. Now we improved the prototype and have a presentation that contains the latter two and additionally some thoughts on how to get users onboard to address the challenges mentioned.

  • Why do you think your project is relevant for the City of Zurich?

Our platform is very flexible so the City of Zurich has the chance to create a customized challenge in order to engage with their citizens and motivate them to move towards low impact lifestyles that will reduce the environmental impact of their citizens.

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How can the individual reduction of greenhouse gases for a defined track be measured and reported and how can citizens be motivated to adapt their behaviour due to that collected information?

The idea is to track and report the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of a person due to walking, using public transport or bicycle instead of using a motorised vehicle. Solutions should include measures to motivate people to reduce their carbon footprint.

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This tool can be used as inspiration for the solution.

Data for this challenge has been posted in the #TrackToAdapt channel

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