In swiss media topics like meat consumption, factory farming and alternative lifestyles such as vegatarism or veganism receive a high attention and media coverage. This leads to a very controverse and emotional discussion on e.g. news plattforms, families, friends - resulting in strong pro/contra opinions. This makes it more and more difficult to bring the facts and the reality across - the loss of ressources, environemental pollution, animal welfare and personal health. In fact, it has such a devastating effect on all aspects of our environment that the Union of Concerned Scientists lists meat-eating as the second-biggest environmental hazard facing the Earth.

Our target audience are "i love meat" kind of people. This is the difference between us and the other climate information websites you already find. The solution is not to tell them “stop eating meat". We just want to make them understand the impact and come up with alternatives. We want to achieve that by make people understand the situation by using simple metaphors (e.g. one burger equals 90 showers) and bring them nice recipees for incredible, easy to cook and cheap vegetarian food or showing tipps how to reduce the overall consumption.

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51kg.org -> User: 51kg Password: 51kg

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secret-wiki.de beobachter.ch

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silex.sensiolabs.org angularjs.org

  • Where did this project stand prior to the Climathon?

We already had the Idea, the Team of 2 people, a Concept, a small prototype and a lot of motivation. However, we now came up with a complete new approach during the hackaton which questions the current prototype.

  • Why do you think your project is relevant for the City of Zurich?

This message is relevant for the world - and as Zurich is on this earth as well, it has relevance :wink:

  • Any other comments about your experience:

24h is short. Remote work (50% of the team is in Mexico) over 8800km and -7 time zones a cool story to tell, but sitting at a table and enjoying the atmosphere together would be way cooler! We are readier, but not close to ready to release.


Launched this at The Climathon


How can citizens and households of Zurich be encouraged to buy and eat more climate-friendly food (less CO2 emissions) and to reduce food-waste?

Solutions should focus on the following:

  • Making use of existing product information about food so citizens can reduce carbon footprint when shopping
  • Avoiding food-waste in the households due to easy to use solutions

Questions about this challenge can be posted in the #FoodForClimate channel

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