Atum is a web application for energy production forcasts for photovoltaics (pv). User can register their own pv sites and specify its location among other parameters. Atum then calculates and displays the expected energy production for the upcomming days.


  • meteoblue offers us access to their API which provides us with the expected amount of sunshine by any location worldwide


  • psunix & Puzzle ITC members
  • and other team members

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Energy of Production

Electricity and other power sources are central to the economic and political landscape of energy. We need to know where the energy comes from, even if it's the sun blazing on our own solar panels - and for that, we need open energy data. Connected with open data from other areas, like environmental and economic data, we have a real chance to impact the future of sustainable energy. This is a relatively unexplored area so far in the Swiss open data community, though several research projects have aggregated these kinds of datasets.

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