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Short description

Important informations we would like your project page to answer include:

Project titel

(and link to the original challenge)

What have you achieved during the Hackdays?

A good and sexy executive summary helps us as well to communicate about your project!

Links to source code, demos and prototypes.

  • you can easily link to any type of github & such platforms. The synced "read me" will appear as a tab. The link will appear under the "source" icon at the bottom of your description.

Any relevant terms of use or licenses on your work.

What problems have you encountered along the way?

What data have you used?

  • In what formats?
  • Licences?

What do you see as the next steps for this project?

  • What are the perspectives?
  • what would you need?

Who are you and your team mates, and how can you best be contacted (if not just via the Slack channel)?

Tips & Tricks

👆 With the Presentation or demo link you can paste a link to your demo app or video pitch, made with one of the supported sites (get some tips from us here). If you have multiple links, just add them to the Description on their own line and they will appear in the form of a live widget. For example,


...on it's own line becomes...

🎯 You should also link to your challenge or any other projects and data sources in the same way, just by putting the link on it's own line, like this:

🧠 At an earlier stage of the project, this could also be a collaborative tool - such as an online spreadsheet, notebook, brainstorming or wireframing tool. The easier it is to access, the better.

PRO TIP: Remember to Post regularly about your progress! People will be more encouraged to Join the team and help produce a great project if they see some evidence of your activities: even if you are hitting a roadblock!

ℹ️ Any question? Contact the organizing team in the Slack #help channel.

Alle Teilnehmer*innen, Sponsor, Partner, Freiwilligen und Mitarbeiter*innen unseres Hackathons sind verpflichtet, dem Hack Code of Conduct zuzustimmen. Die Organisatoren werden diesen Kodex während der gesamten Veranstaltung durchsetzen. Wir erwarten die Zusammenarbeit aller Teilnehmer*innen, um eine sichere Umgebung für alle zu gewährleisten. Weitere Einzelheiten zum Ablauf der Veranstaltung finden Sie unter Richtlinien in unserem Wiki.

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