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Visualisation of rain, heat, and wind close to Swiss cities

Heavy rain, wind and heat events close to Zurich, Geneva, and Locarno

Climatologists calculated that heavy rain events would increase and they do increase, maybe even faster than predicted in some area. Journalists should clearly see that some events are exceptional and that there is an increase.

I suggest a visualisation of rain, wind and heat, maybe also heat index (temperature and humidity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_index) values.

I suggest a plot with well visible maximal peaks, but if you have another visualisation, it's great.

I pasted a link to rain values below, I am not sure if the other Meteoswiss values are open and easily available or not.

Rain events could be treated as sum of rain per day, heat as maximal heat hour per day. It would be nice to have it for a couple years, so we can see if an event is exceptional.

Rain I think is best in Ticino, heat needs to be in the plain (in a plain weather station, not in high mountain).

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