06_Spatio-temporal model of an on-shore wind farm

Better market predictions before you put energy into the grid

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Why is it relevant?

A spatio-temporal model is of great interest within the wind energy community for more accurate wind speed forecasting, which helps to better estimate power production and to develop optimized control strategies.

The challenge

In this challenge we want to develop a spatio-temporal model of an on-shore wind farm near a coast in Brazil. The goal of the model is to be able to visualize and investigate the local winds and the interaction between turbines, in form of wake effects, within the farm.


For this we provide a dataset that contains the 10-minute average wind speeds, the wind directions and the geographic coordinates of 32 wind turbines and 1 met mast tower for a period of 1 year.

See also: https://www.iet.hsr.ch/index.php?id=18317&L=562


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