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P11_Wasserstoff für Jedermann

What are the first steps to conceptualize a Hydrogen Tank Station network and A sketch for a Pilot Sation on a Public Bus Company

The Challenge

Instead of working on the actual app for the specific Tank Concept of Messer-Schweiz, we concentrated on creating a scheme about the potential and timeline of CO2 capture, green Hydrogen together with synthetic Methan for the transition of mobility.

Also, together with the CEO of Messer Schweiz, the CEO of Regional Bus Lenzburg, SWL, the Energy Producer in Lenzburg and a representant of an Association for Climate protection, we conceptualized the deployment of either an Hydrogen or synthetic Methan tanking network, starting from the local bus companies:

  • Bus companies are in a phase of rethinking their Flotte towards more sustainable motors, and are in need for scalable green solutions
  • Bus companies have defined routes and don't have to rely on a network of tankstations, but they are well connected to the road network and quite evenly distributed on the national territory.
  • Public Bus Companies are autonomous companies but they are organized in a Verband and are used to collaborate.
  • It would also create a first network of rather homogeneous interlocutors with similar needs, and would allow to set standards and tools for a broader distribution.

Then, we reflected about the actual relevance of either a methan or hydrogen Tank-Station as a pilot-plant for the Regional Bus Lenzburg.

The Result




20.10.2021 17:11 ~ Maud


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Contributed 2 years ago by Maud for Smart Regio Lab - Lenzburg Seetal
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