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Harvest ad-hoc data for crisis mitigation

Goal of the challenge is to create a geo-spatial representation for crisis mitigation with relevant data dependent on the incident.

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In order to get a most actual situation report near-realtime data needs to be harvested ad-hoc and integrated into a basic mapping infrastructure. The problem is to identify both relevant and accessible and reliable sources of information. Emergency agencies and organisations need such information to manage their resources and be able to make tactical decisions.

The goal is to have a strategy on how to quickly set up a working system for crisis and incident mitigation and also have a POC for the created strategy. Focus should be on accessing APIs and sources from the federal Swiss administration.

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Organization: Schweizer Armee - Geoinformationsdienst Verteidigung

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To keep situation maps with spatial reference / map: here the drawing tool of map.geo.admin.ch is useful https://help.geo.admin.ch/?ids=66 a situation map can be managed by an admin and the users have an always up to date map. we even have the official BABS symbology.

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