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My Story

My name is Vasileios. I am environmental engineer with focus renewable energies and I am a holder of an MBA with focus in Business Strategy and e-business.

I used to work for more than 10 years for energy utilities in Switzerland. I am founder of the e-swissolar AG and Co-founder of the e-greeksolar Ldt. We are working at the intersection of renewable energies and blockchain technology. Our interests lie in the fields of energy related blockchain business model design and governance of blockchain networks.

We have a short pipeline of blockchain projects. We have already realised a small blockchain pilot in GR. One of these projects is ReFi - regenerative finance for smart energy communities for which the Lucern Univercity of Science and Art is conducting a preliminary study (Innocheque).

I have knowledge and experience of developing simple DApps (front-end & back-end). I have basic knowledge in programming in JS, python and solidity.



Personal log

  • Working on Stakeholder Analysis
  • Create value-flow diagram
  • Understand how decentralisation and network effects are related
10 months ago

We are working currently on a minimum valuable platform

1 year ago