07 - Governance of DLT 4 Financing Blockchain

Blockchain networks have to be properly desinged and managed

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ReFi is a permissioned blockchain network that provides a framework for collaboration and facilitates a platform for investing in renewable energy digital assets.

The Idea:

For investing/lending, crowd-investors could provide liquidity to a pool (smart-contract). Fund-seeker could fractionalise (tokenise) ownership of digital-assets (pv-system).

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What we did:

  • Stakeholder Analysis

    A stakeholder analysis refers to the range of techniques or tools to identify and understand the needs, expectations and motivations of stakeholders. [1]

  • Value-Flow Analysis

    Value Flows describe flows of resources of all kinds within distributed economic ecosystems. On a blockchain network value flows are created when processes are linked together through flows of resources. [2]

  • Implement the 8 rules of Elinor Ostrom

    Based on her extensive work, Ostrom offers 8 principles for how commons can be governed sustainably and equitably in a community. [3]


Value Flows Diagram

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Ecosystem Governance in the context of a blockchain network

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The creation of non-zero-sum games is not an easy task. Would you like to know more? Play the game Link

Watch video of our presentation:

Resources / Data:

[1] What is a stakeholder Analysis

[2] Flows of Value - The concept

[3] Elinor Ostrom's 8 Principles for Managing A Commmons

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