07_ReFi - Regenerative Finance for Smart Energy Communities

ReFi will allow Energy Communities and small PV systems owners to (re)finance their projects by smart securitisation.


New information and communication technologies (ICT) are creating whole new industries, opportunities, and business models. This will have structural implications also for energy utilities, DSOs, energy communities (EC) and prosumers. The decentralised finance industry is using new ICT and token economics (TE) that create novel financial applications that can have a significant impact on how the energy transition can be financed. ReFi has the potential to revolutionise the investment process for EC and domestic PV system owners by smart securitisation; increasing liquidity, simplifying and shortening fractional ownership transfer, financing and transaction processes.

Tokenisation maps the financial value of an asset by associating ownership rights to a dedicated token which can then easily be exchanged and traded. Building on this we will provide services by implementing the concept of fractional ownership (FO) using TE on a platform (ReFi).

The Challenge

Build a minimum valuable platform that will allow EC and small PV systems owners to (re)finance new or existing projects.

Worked on documentation

27.05.2021 16:00 ~ Vasileios

We are working currently on a minimum valuable platform

16.04.2021 14:01 ~ Vasileios

Worked on documentation

16.04.2021 13:57 ~ Vasileios

Team forming

Vasileios has joined!

16.04.2021 13:55

Project started

Initialized by Vasileios 🎉

16.04.2021 13:55
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