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Babel Fish

bring various recipe databases together and seamlessly integrate with V-Zug smart kitchen devices


Swipe your way to a perfect meal

Food Matters

No time for leftovers

Meals Advisor

Redesign of DigiMeals Open API

Remote Access

Last minute hack, started Sun, 11:55...

Standardized Meal System

Platform for recipes based on DigiMeals


Alexa, tell my steamer to grill for 5 minutes at 150 degrees


Food Price Alerts

Create AI system to alert producers and consumers of price swings

Perfect Pizza #10

Use image processing and additional information to tell us when the pizza is ready

Your favourite recipe #1

Make it easier to find the right recipes to cook in every situation!

Audio Recipe Guide

Apply voice recognition to control an app for dictation of recipe steps and information

Solve Food Waste #4

Save food at home with smart cooking suggestions based food expiry dates.

Foodetective #3

help restaurants better manage and understand their supply needs

Label Trade #5

Helping farmers to sell their produce directly and with added value due to label information

Foodprint scores #9

Develop a project to help & motivate individuals to reduce their food foodprint.

Save the climate! #6

Use the Eaternity API to provide informations on CO₂ and food for your user group

Unified Food Platform #7

A unified platform (App) that brings services together in one cockpit that is easy to understand and operate.

Smart(er) Cooking #2

Bring technology in the kitchen to the next level!

Make Open Data

Use, remix, create and share Open Data


Create customer awareness for a world's first innovation.

V-ZUG-Home API #11

Recipe Schema Fun

Exploring and repackaging V-ZUG data


An app for customizing recipes according to users preferences.