Gather meal preferences among one friend group and suggest them a restaurant fitting everyone choice.



Slack-bot to allow people to find a restaurant nearby them that proposes what every diners is eager to eat.


  1. Create a .google file and add in it a google developer key that supports the Google Maps Directions API
  2. Create a .slack file and add in it a Slack bot key. Check out the Slack documentation to know how to get one.

How to use

The is just one single command to initiate a lunch you need to ask directly to our bot :

lunch at <time> around <location> with <people> by <transportation>

where : - time is the time of the day (should always be after the current time as we can only use the bot for planning a meal the current day) - location is where you would like to eat : it could be a city, a district, a street etc - people is the people you want to have a lunch with (if many, separate them by a comma); if we detect a channel our bot will notify each of its member individually - transportation is the transportation mode (should be one of driving, walking, bicycling or transit, default to driving)

After that, the person who is starting the lunch and the ones receiving the message will receive some meal photo : each diner will have to share with our bot if he wants to eat that or not, in case he doesn't, our bot will immediately suggest a new meal.

Once every diner has found a meal that fits his desire, our bot inform the table that he founds a restaurant where every one will be able to eat what he wants, and will sends details about the chosen restaurant through a link.

Eventually, a kindly reminder will be send to them 5 minutes before the time they should leave to arrive on time at the restaurant.

How it works

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