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06_Open Tour Reviews - Trip Review

Identify similar tours and hack Heidiland tours to integrate open tour reviews

Initial Situation

Being a tourist is a big experience to everyone of us. Discovering new places, new gastronomy, new cultures. But, normally, although we like to register in our memories those moments, we do not like to answer reviews about destinations we visit as much, speacilly when we are still travelling. According with Endel Tulving, Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre, Toronto, Canada (1997): From an evolutionary perspective, the ability to remember various aspects of one’s visual environment must be vital for survival, so it is not surprising that memory for pictorial material is particularly well developed. For that reason we are presenting the Trip Review. An easy way to remeber the favorite destinations we had visit by using only a photo. By connecting our experiences with a image, we have more accuracy on describing the things that were most remarcable at that specific place and the things we think could make the visit better. A simple code, made from people to people provide a support where you can easily connect the picture you took and the experience you have had with your own thoughts about that destination. So, when you recommend to someone this amazing experience you can do it by only sharing a link. You will also be able, on a shareble map made of memories to connect to other people that have been also there but decided to use a diferent route. So, next time you visit, you may rediscover the location again like it was the first time. Further than that, reviewing and saving online a place you loved or had memories that you keep until nowordays can make you treasure it forever.


Make reviews more appealing to tourists and improving the collect reviews from different sources oriented by location points.


The goal of the challenge is to demonstrate the added value of open reviews for tours based on a prototyping approach. For this purpose, a convincing concept should be presented on how reviews for tours from different sources can be successfully aggregated in practice and how the creation of reviews for tours can be simplified and promoted on different platforms, websites and in the destination.

A fundamental challenge of the Challenge is to initially find an approach to identify the same or sufficiently similar tours from different sources so that an aggregation of ratings is possible in a meaningful way - both, from a technical point of view and from the user perspective.

The collected reviews should then be visualised by integrating them on websites or in apps, for example using widgets from the Open Reviews Association or interfaces of the Outdooractive API. As part of the challenge, data model aspects, approaches to identifying fake reviews, ideas for incentivising reviews or working out the strategic potential for Swiss tourism can be conceptualised and presented as part of the solution.

The Open Reviews Association (ORA), Outdooractive and Heidiland Tourismus will support you in this challenge with technical infrastructure, extensive tour data with ratings, and as sparring partners with professional and technical experience.

Team: Aline Santos Barbosa and Tu Tran


#Tourism, #Tours, #Reviews, #Ratings, #Interdisciplinary, #OpenReviews

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