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04_Merge big data from today with historical ones

​​Impulses and hurdles for sustainable development per municipality

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The Swiss energy system is transforming, but how? How did it change from last year to this year, from yesterday to today? How will the forecasted energy system for 2050 differ from today’s one? So far, we lack smart approaches to identify present and future changes in the energy system that go beyond aggregated indicators such as annual electricity demand changes or new power generation capacities installed.


In this challenge, we ask the team to develop a platform, in which users can upload big energy data (e.g., time series of electricity generation) and compare their data with other historical or model-based energy data, using novel indicators of energy system changes.

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Second day of hacking! Statistics are fun. We are creating functions for novel indicators such as ramping and extreme values in order to analyze the load data.

25.09.2021 09:48 ~ melin_walet

Currently hacking, getting to know the electricity demand data from 2009 and 2019.

24.09.2021 13:29 ~ melin_walet

Joined the team

24.09.2021 13:22 ~ melin_walet

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15.07.2021 16:48 ~ Maud

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15.07.2021 16:47 ~ Maud


Contributed 2 years ago by Maud for Energy Data Hackdays 2021
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