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C25, C31 Impfwilligkeit analysieren

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C31 Impfwilligkeit analysieren
Data Hackdays BE 2021 Challenge

Was könnte die Impfwilligkeit wirklich erhöhen?

C25 Impfwilligkeit analysieren
Data Hackdays BE 2021 Challenge

Impfwilligkeit analysieren


Dataanalyse zur Impfwilligkeit im Kanton Bern


political party analysis

For the analysis with the political parties, run impfzentren.ipynb. In cell 14, set independentvar and independentpretty to the party you want to run the regression with. E.g. for SP set independent_var = 'wahl_sp' independent_pretty = 'SP' Where independentvar is one of the values from columnlist in cell 13.

NB. Theoretically you can take any value from column_list and run a linear regression with it.

communities' progress vs. the canton's

For this analysis, just run all the cells in communities.ipynb. Create a folder called "plots" first. You will receive an error message, but that is just because Jupyter can't open more than 20 figures by default. The images will still be created.

Grafana Dashboards

Create 'clean' csv files from the raw data

Put all raw csv files in the folter Data_Private/raw and run the pythonscript. python or use the Datenaufbereitung jupyter notebook.

Start grafana and Postgres Docker:


Or if you want the Map plugin: cd grafana docker-compose up

Fill the Postgres DB with data

Find an example how to do it in We used a magic "drag and drop" tool to insert the csv data into the database. To duplicate that, you need to transform the datatype of some columns (especially dates) before writing it into the DB.

Create the Dashboards in Grafana

Load Data_Public/grafana_dashboard_save.json into grafana and adapt the queries to your database shema. Or just create a new one (is probably easier).

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Joined the team

18.11.2021 17:29 ~ christoph_betschart

Event finished


13.11.2021 13:40 ~ TheCell

Repository updated

13.11.2021 13:39 ~ TheCell

add monthly distance data (@hackcbe)

gathering all the data and preparing for the presentation

13.11.2021 12:42 ~ TheCell

moved media

moved data garbage

added screenshots of failed attempts


13.11.2021 11:13 ~ Andrea

visualisation with political parties (@Luca Liechti)

Eigenimpscore.sql (@Lukas)

Fancy per-party plots (@Luca Liechti)

add grafana plugin (@rbcb-bedag)

tried react with leaflet

add DataPublic/eigenimpfscoredata.json (@Lukas)

update data schema (@hackcbe)

add erstimpf distanz pro gemeinde over all time (@hackcbe)

mehr generated (@Lukas)

open layers, leaflet, react, angular alles probiert, nichts geht. Noice

13.11.2021 09:41 ~ TheCell

still nothing works :)

add events dashboard (@hackcbe)

map test projects, only openlayers-app is semi working

Secret genius hack made results much worse.

12.11.2021 21:39 ~ luca_liechti

First regression (@Luca Liechti)

changed gemeindeportraits, first version of regression almost done

Volle Konzentration in der Übersetzer*innenkabine

12.11.2021 20:26 ~ luca_liechti

open map nichts geht mit vanillajs <3

12.11.2021 20:20 ~ TheCell

renaming (@rbcb-bedag)

removed z-index from geojson

crs type of map defined

map generation

ol map working

Gemeindeportraits als csv (@Luca Liechti)

added Eigenimpfscore (@Lukas)

late night standup

12.11.2021 19:17 ~ luca_liechti

leaving for dinner with the bois

12.11.2021 18:01 ~ luca_liechti

Merge branch 'main' of into main (@Luca Liechti)

Repository updated

12.11.2021 16:14 ~ Andrea

generation inserts for gemeinde inzidenzen (@rbcb-bedag)


12.11.2021 15:41 ~ TheCell

A basic frontend website is working with bootstrap and the d3.js library. No idea if we will use it or not yet

12.11.2021 15:40 ~ TheCell


Event started

Contributed 2 years ago by TheCell for Data Hackdays BE 2021
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