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display data of museumobjects in a innovative and explorative way

Art on Paper Gallery

We develop a gallery app for browsing art works on paper. For the prototype we use a dataset sample delivered from the Collection Online of the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich. In our app the user can find the digital images of the prints and...

Ask the Artist

The project idea is to create a voice assistance with the identity of an artist. In our case, we created a demo of the famous Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler. That is to say, the voice assistance is nor Siri nor Alexa. Instead, it is an...

Dog Name Creativity

Dog Name Creativity Survey of New York City

Find Me an Exhibit

Files and notes on the GLAM Hackathon 2018 @Landesmuseum, October 26 - 28


In 1981 Brodie Lockard, a Stanford University student, developed a computer game just two years after a serious gymnastics accident had...

Sex and Crime

und Kneippenschlägereien in Early Modern Zurich


sparql query effort for glam hackathon 2018

Swiss Art Stories on Twitter

In the project “Swiss art stories on Twitter”, the Twitter bot “larthippie” has been created. The idea of the project is to automatically tweet information on Swiss art, artists and exhibitions.

Originally, different...

Walking Around the Globe

a VR Picture Expedition


A better way to experience art

Zurich historical photo tours

We would like to enable the user to discover historical pictures of Zürich and go to the places...