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Active projects and challenges as of 21.06.2024 15:13.

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La porte d'entrée de la consommation locale dans la métropole lémanique

Associons l'oenotourisme à l'AR/VR

Proposer une nouvelle façon de découvrir les vins et les vignobles de notre région par le biais de l'AR/VR

Burkina Biscuits Process

Création d'un processus de fabrication adapté aux besoins des femmes du Burkina Faso.

Digital Arbokost

Farmers need tools to help them managing their land's information.

Farming VR simulation

Créer une simulation d'agriculture pour une démonstration ou l'apprentissage

From Farm to Fork

Designing an improved approach to better connect food entrepreneurs with farmers.

Le Petit Dapp

A payment systems concept for Le Petit Frigo

Le Petit Frigo

An autonomous self-service store that offers its customers fresh seasonal products for direct sale

My plot in one click

Facilitate access to data of agricultural interest at the plot level

Register purchases

It must be possible to enter, confirm and transmit purchase data in the field to users.

So Nice Pasture !

An adding value for the mountain agriculture thanks to multimedia tools


Questionnaire to help farmers quickly and accurately diagnose livestock problems.

Waste collector

Creating a platform for centralizing all the forces acting in cleaning the nature