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PV Diagnose

An application for small scale PV owners to check whether their installation is still healthy.

We created a web app that allows users to check the status of their solar installations by evaluating if the energy production is at a normal state. Our application aims at providing a quick verification of the monthly energy production of rooftop solar panels. The user will provide the following input:

  1. Location of the solar panel: address
  2. Size of PV: area in m2
  3. Capacity kWp
  4. 12 months of production data

The app looks up the estimations from sonnendach, compares the the input and returns:

  1. Location on map
  2. Status: ok or not ok
  3. Monthly comparison of actual vs. reference as a bar chart

See our wiki for more information.

Here the web app prototype (1) user interface and (2) output results - bar chart and diagnosis

Team members: Tetiana, Adrian, Andreas, Angelos, Bogdan, Braulio, Daniel, David, Martin (@Mhertach) and Tobias

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Contributed 5 years ago by nikki_bhler for Energy Data Hackdays 2019


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