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Filter as a Service

Filter as a Service helps people with allergies to quickly find food, they can eat, in supermarkets.


The problem today: When people are allergic to, for example, gluten, they need to look in the product description of every product in the supermarket to find out if they can eat it or not. That's a problem because it is complicated for users to look at product descriptions of all products.

The solution: To make the food buying experience for users with allergies more simple, we built Filter as a Service, Filter as a Service helps people quickly find food that accommodates their dietary needs. How did we do it? The filter, we built, filters existing product databases, for example Using the filter, users can simply click on what they want, for example "gluten free products". Gluten free products are then shown immediately.

A little story describing Filter as a Service: Jane goes to the supermarket. She wants to buy frozen french fries and a spices mix product. Jane does not tolerate gluten. To pick frozen french fries and a spices mix product that are gluten free, she reads the product descriptions of the products there. It is complicated for her to find the gluten free products she needs because she needs to read all the product descriptions which are written with small text. On the weekend, a friend of Jane sends her a link to a supermarket that has a Filter as a service solution. Jane's friend writes, "Jane, take a look at this filter solution. When you use the filter, it will be much simpler for you to find gluten free products. Just click on "gluten free products" in the filter, and you will see the gluten free products immediately." Jane tries out the filter and is happy. Her food buying experience just got much simpler. With the filter solution, she can now much better satisfy her dietary needs. And Jane is now even motivated to try out some new gluten free products.

4 photos from the #openfood hackathon: 1: A photo of the filter solution on February 10th: 2: A photo of the building process on February 10th: 3: A photo of the building process on February 11th: 4: A photo of the Filter as a Service presentation on February 11th.

Examples of websites that have served as useful inspiration during the development process:

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