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Jarvis is here to help you for your groceries ! He's smart, kind and neutral, he won't judge you.


Jarvis the Nutritionist

Jarvis is here to help you for your groceries, food questions and so on ! He's smart, kind and neutral, he won't judge you :)

You have two ways of contacting him for the moment. Don't hesitate to drop him a line :

Jarvis understands French and English but will answer you in French.

NB: Jarvis is not online anymore.


This repo contains some tests about APIs calls and techs. The main thing here is in the api/ folder where you can find the webservices used by the chatbot to interact with the OpenFood API.

The bot itself is in this repo : https://github.com/JarvisMesper/jarvis-the-bot.


The chatbot is built with the Microsoft Bot Framework in NodeJS. It uses LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) to process and understand what the user is asking him. The bot talks to an API made with Flask in Python and hosted on an Ubuntu virtual machine. This API retreive data from OpenFood. All of this is hosted on Azure Bot Service for the demo.

Jarvis is able to understand basic questions like "Who are you ?", both in French and English. He can retrieve product information when the user send him a picture of the barcode using quaggaJS library for the scan.

He also remembers the last scanned products, and let you compare products together.


This project was made during the Open Food Hackdays (10/11 February 2017) oragnized by OpenData.ch @ EPFL.

The following developments of the chatbot are not on the repo. Follow us on Twitter to get notified.

A report containing the state of the project in October 2017 is available here.


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Contributed 7 years ago by nathan_quinteiro for Open Food Hackdays 2017

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