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Food Spotting

Track real-time food orders and consumption in restaurants.



Creating a system which allows to track orders in the restaurants. The tracking would be done in real-time and the data would be available freely to everyone (individual orders or aggregated statistics) through a web site/mobile app/api.

To motivate a customer and a restaurant to participate, there is a specific application planned. A customer would be able to see the trending food/orders per restaurant based on number of orders and/or rating of the food.

Application Functionality

  • simple management of the current food menu (user: restaurant)

  • recording of what have been ordered (user: customer or restaurant)

  • rating the ordered food (user: customer)

  • providing different statistics about trending orders/food, e.g. currently trending food per restaurant, the best food in the last day, summaries about food categories (user: EVERYONE)

Opportunities (not in scope for Open Food Hackday, save for later)

  • trend evaluation through statistics (side-artefact: raw data) as made available freely to the public (e.g. "This Friday night, Zurich has eaten 127 cows, in restaurants)

  • application of restaurant to offer rebated prices for meals primarily based on their remaining stock food

  • others

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Contributed 7 years ago by julius_chrobak for Open Food Hackdays 2017

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