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SwipEat - Groceries made easy!

Swipeat will make it easy to plan your meals and shop for groceries.

What is Swipeat ?

An application to help you plan meals according to your preferences, and then create the corresponding shopping list.

  • Add lifestyle characteristics
  • Select meals of your choice or swipe it away
  • Shopping list is automatically created, but editing is always possible
  • Chosen meals are saved and can easily be found when you will cook

Advantages for the users

  1. Time saving
    • No more need to search for recipes, to aggregate ingredients and to write down the list.
  2. Easy way to discover new food and recipes
    • Choose in lifestyle characteristic specific food specialties
  3. Easy to plan meals for the week
    • Thanks to lifestyle characteristic and history, Swip'Eat provides the user with a lot of recipes.
    • Select or swipe the recipe away.
  4. Easy to manage health constraint
    • Health constraints can be added in your lifestyle/preferences
  5. Recipes are quickly available at the moment of cooking
  6. Shopping list can be edited before, during or after the shopping
    • As soon as something is physically added on the shopping cart, intuitively remove the ingredient from the list
  7. The list is automatically categorizing ingredients within food groups vegetables together, dairy, etc.
  8. The amount of ingredients is automatically computed depending on the number of person eating a particular meal.

The typical user of Swipeat

  • People who don't have time to plan their meals and write down their shopping list
  • People who need some culinary imagination
  • People who are curious to discover new culinary specialties
  • People who want to make it easy to manage their health constraints
  • People who are always connected with their smartphone

Targeted Public

  • People who do food shopping and who possesses a smartphone

Opensource database

  • Swipeat is using open recipe database allowing to build a huge choice of recipes

Development possibilities

  • Geo-localization of shops
  • Special offers proposed on a specific product in a specific shop (i.e. personalized coupons)
  • Recipe database can grow thanks to people who propose new recipes
  • Characteristic on a recipe can be added by all users (that allow for instance to classify a recipe as "sport")
  • Thanks to the large amount of data gathered on eating and shopping habits, SwipEat will suggest get better at suggestions
  • Nutritionist can classify a recipe as "good" for some type of illness
  • Online shopping can be done directly within the app thanks to online shopping partners (ie. LeShop)
  • Shops can create recipes in order to push some products to targeted customers.
  • Producer can become a provider of recipes and so it allows him to attire specific people in his farm for direct sales or for online sales. (thanks to geo localization only user around receive this information)
  • Add ingredients on the shopping list and automatically find a recipe with these ingredients.
  • Commercial recipes provider provide their recipe database and can get more visibility.

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