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09 - Cool urban spaces

Crowdsourced improvement proposals of public and private urban open spaces

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This is about cool urban spaces for a hot future. It's an application to identify and rate public and (semi-)private urban open spaces throughout Switzerland and to suggest ways to improve their infrastructure, such as shade structures (tents), trees, water points and green facades.

The goals are to promote measures around urban open spaces to counteract the heat effect during summer nights for the attention of authorities and private owners of settlements.

This application is similar to "ZΓΌri wie neu" (mySociety's popular map-based reporting platform), but includes proposals in/for urban spaces. It must be) privacy preserving and is (will be) implemented based on open source software and open data, in particular OpenStreetMap data as well as Open Governement Data from the City of Zurich and Swisstopo.

Everyone is invited to participate: SW developers, designers, marketing people and especially other volunteers, especially for data preparation (e.g. entering places in Wikidata) and for rating the urban locations and its infrastructure.


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