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Enriching database through linkage with another nutritional database

Filter as a Service

Filter as a Service helps people with allergies to quickly find food, they can eat, in supermarkets.


Gather meal preferences among one friend group and suggest them a restaurant fitting everyone choice.


Foodimmune is an application, that keeps you stay healthy with traditional medicine food. You are what you eat.

Food label picture digitization

Raw label picture to data ready to store, automated


Discover new products based on previous purchases, thereby reducing your carbon footprint

Food Spotting

Track real-time food orders and consumption in restaurants.


Jarvis is here to help you for your groceries ! He's smart, kind and neutral, he won't judge you.

Joyful shopping - a personalized food service

Shopping has become difficult for the concerned customer. Our App supports joyful and smart shopping.


With our project, we aim to illuminate the story of the meat you buy in store and make meat buying more personal.

Molecular Beer

Fresh data and Interface


Tool that helps connecting individuals who are seeking for healthier food to restaurants.


Let's build a collaborative database that maps local food producers and allows them to reach new consumers.

Open Receipts

Open Receipts turns your food receipts into actionable data: calories, allergies and more

Save the Food

An app that keeps track of purchased and stored groceries, and then provides insight based on them.


Smart meal planning and shopping list generator

The 2000kcal project

2000kcal Project

What The Food? (GraDual)

Improving my food basket step by step from the foods you buy to the foods you cook.


Help people discover new products and improve their diet.


Yuzou is the first open and participatory photo inventory of local food markets of Switzerland and the world.


Climate Friendly Meals


DNA Sequencing

Jonathan Sobel, BeerDeCoded

Finding the perfect recipe

Adrian Boller, Fanny Vuilleumier, ELSA

Food Service / Store 2 Home

Andreas Hess, Migros Business Intelligence

Slow Food

Ladan Pooyan-Weihs, HSLU

trustbox GS1 challenge

Domenic Schneider, Senior Business Development Manager, GS1 Switzerland