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Cheapest Charging Around

Weiterentwicklung der BfE-Info-Plattform; «Ich tanke»; Verbesserung der Transparenz

Client-Analysis 2.0

and the power of open data

Distributed analytics for asset management

Using AI to predict how power transformers will fail, and what to watch out for

Energy data visualization

Energy data are diverse. How do we present them interactively and informatively?


Know the neighbourhood of your customer

Optimization of District Heating

Energieverbrauch von Fernwärmeanlagen minimieren, insb. der Einsatz von Spitzenlast-Kesseln (fossile Brennstoffen)

Photovoltaic: Where is it Best?

Where solar photovoltaics make the most sense

Put CH on Electricity Map

Raise awareness and support global climate goals

PV self-consumption optimization

Evaluate and optimize trade-offs in the design of battery storage for PV systems

Smart Meter Anomaly Detection

Challenge #14: "Anomaly Detection for Smart Meter Devices" from the open energy hackdays 2020

Unleashing the Swiss Smartmeter's CII

Empower citizens to use their energy data. Using the smartmeter's CII beyond visualisation to steer local consumption.