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04_Merge big data from today with historical ones

​​Impulses and hurdles for sustainable development per municipality

05_Smart Meter Open Dataset

Build a platform where people can freely donate their energy data to society

06_Spatio-temporal model of an on-shore wind farm

Better market predictions before you put energy into the grid

07_Can you beat the model performance benchmark?

Do you have a new idea for a model using one of the datasets? Can you improve on the existing models?

08_Digital twins for domestic heating systems

How can digital twins help us to safe energy while keeping our appartements warm and guaranteeing that sufficient hot water is available?

09.01 - Customer Data Analytics (Very Basic)

A smaller Project of the initial Idea 09 Customer Data Analytics

10_Trends in tertiary energy prices

Trends in tertiary energy prices

11_Pre Qualification Test

deriving a representive frequency profile, with which TSO can certfy the providers for the FCR service.

12_Climate-Neutral Cities - St.Gallen Example

Empower actors to contribute to the climate neutral goals until 2050 in cities.

15_Electricity “Heartbeat” 2035 in the Canton of Zurich

What do changes in the way and in the intensity electricity is consumed mean for our grid?

16_ “Green” charging E-Mobility

When is it “greener” to charge an electric car?

18_Interoperability plug-test for smart meter’s local CII

Empower citizens to use their own energy data. Using the smartmeter's local interface for visualisation and automation

19_ReFi - Regenerative Finance for smart energy communities

Tokenisation of Energy and Fractional Ownership of Digital Assets provide new possibilities for financing PV-projects.


01_Short-term Photovoltaic Forecasting

02_Cybersecurity Navigator for Building IoT

A tool to informing about IoT cybersecurity and data protection, to support digitalisation in the building sector.

03_Local Sustainability booster

​​ Which features boost local sustainability? - Impulses and hurdles for sustainable development on municipality level

09_Customer data analysis

13_Where does my electricity come from?

The path of electricity from the end consumer's point of view.

14_ Trend scouting for the energy industry

Identifying trends in the energy industry with the help of modern AI- and statistics-based information and text analysis methods